Honorary Members

Honorary Membership may be granted to any individual deemed deserving by the club. These men have made great sacrifices and efforts to ensure the success of the Triniteers throughout the years. Such membership is for life. We are truly grateful for everything they have done to keep this historic organization alive.

Dr. Harold MBarger

Dr. John A. Burke 

Dr. Richard M. Burr

Mr. Alfred "Sonny" Delgado

Dr. Donald E. Everett

Mr. Melvin Flowers

Dr. Thomas Gardner

Mr. Russell L. Gossage

Mr. Derwood L. Hawthorne

Dr. Bates Hoffer, III

Rev. Raymond E. Judd

Dr. Alan Kownslar

Dr. Richard S. Machalek

Dr. David L. Middleton

Mr. James R. Potter 

Mr. Gerald D. Smetzer

Mr. Leon "Tex" Taylor

Dr. Peter Terwey, Jr.

Dr. George Thompson

Dr. C.H. Treat