Est. 1945

“The Triniteers were formed from an idea; from this idea came our purpose; and beneath both of these was my belief and faith in those people who came to accept the ideals upon which Triniteers were founded.”

-Albert Herff-Beze

Although the name, “Triniteers,” was not originated until 1945, the actual founding of the club came in 1936, with the organization of a small group of students known as the “Engineers.”  A young, handsome and popular teacher by the name of Albert Herff-Beze, better known as “Beezie,” enthusiastically accepted an invitation to become the first sponsor of the organization.  Thus, more than eighty years ago on the old Woodlawn Campus in San Antonio, which Trinity University formerly occupied, the roots of Triniteers were planted.

There have been hundreds of Triniteers, each of which has left his mark.  Every Triniteer has lived, loved, and learned in Triniteers.  The history of the Triniteers is not an old or antiquated one by any means, but it would be impossible to do justice to a complete Triniteer history.  Although the development has been a relatively recent one, the years are filled with many outstanding people and events that have contributed to the unique and exciting history that has characterized the growth of Triniteers.