Alumni Center

Alumni, welcome to our Alumni Center. We hope for this to be a place to honor alumni making contributions to the club, and to recognize achievements of alumni in society. If you have any contributions or would be interested in donating, please reach out to our Alumni Chair - Tanner Lacy. His email is


Would you like to donate to the club? We are always very grateful for any contributions to help us fund our rush and orientation events! We have a lot of great plans already in place for our 2020 recruitment process.

  • We accept Venmo donations @wsymonds or PayPal at @Triniteers

  • We are also trying to track down old TEERS gear (jerseys, shirts, etc) for future will downs so if you have anything you would like to send back to the club, please reach out to Will Symonds (

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  • Alumni Weekend 2019 was a great success! Stay tuned for our next newsletter for more alumni news

Active Spotlights


Jackson Garrett

Major: Accounting
Hometown: Plano, Texas
Class: Freshman

Involvement: Football, Teers Treasurer, TEDx
Aspirations: Become a Pilot, Play Golf
3 Words To Describe Me: “Where to Next?”

Why I Pledged TEERS: Continue the great history of TEERS with a great group of brothers


Naim Barnett

Major: Engineering
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Class: Sophomore

Involvement: Football, Track (SCAC Athlete of the Week)
Aspirations: Work at NASA
3 Words To Describe Me: Hardworking, Open, Chill

Why I Pledged TEERS: Wanted to be a part of a closer group of people, connect more, and start something new

Newsletter #1 Spring 2019

Newsletter #1 Spring 2019